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Athletic Registration & Fees

Online Registration for the 2024-2025 school year through BigTeams StudentCentral (formely named PlanetHS) is required for ALL HS and MS athletes. Please see below for step-by-step directions on our process for registering your middle school and/or high school athletes!

*Please use your account from the previous school year, do NOT. create a new account each year. If you are new to Lincoln Athletics, please follow the steps below to create an account!*
*Please note that registration process must be completed in its entirety before any student-athlete will be eligible to participate in ANY tryouts or official team practices at Lincoln High School or Lincoln Middle School*

1. Create Accounts
- Both a parent/guardian AND student are required to create separate accounts. Each account must have a unique email or mobile phone number. 
- Click here to create your account (click here for step by step help on creating your accounts).
*For additional help, click the green "Self-Help" icon on the top left of the StudentCentral Home Page*
- Select the correct school (Lincoln High School, Ypsilanti MI OR Lincoln Middle School, Ypsilanti MI).

2. Emergency Contact Section
- Students are NOT required to input this information (can proceed by clicking on the "link account").
- Parents/Guardians are required to input as much information as possible, which will then automate information into the forms, saving time and duplicate work.

3. Link Parent/Guardian & Student Accounts
- Once logged in, you will be prompted to link the parent and student account. Enter the email address or mobile phone number to send an invitation to the parent/student. The invited person will then click on the link in the email or text message to finish the linking process. The invited person can also login and accept the link request by clicking on the "Link Account" button and selecting "Accept".

4. Athletic Forms Button
- Click the "Athletic Forms" button to move to the Pre-Participation Forms Overview Page and complete the required digital forms.

5. Select the Sports
- In the "Sports Interest" section, check the sports you have interest in participating in. By checking these sports, you are allowing the coach of that team to view your pre-participation paperwork. 

6. Complete & Sign Digital Forms
- Click on each form link, complete each form, and click the "Sign & Submit" button. Both the parent/guardian AND the student complete this step. Upon completion of each required form, you will be auto prompted to complete the next form. 
- Students with accounts may begin completing digital forms immediately. Parents must be linked to a student account to see the electronic version of the forms. If the accounts are not linked, they will only see example PDF versions of the forms. You can complete forms or see their status at any time by clicking on the "Athletic Forms" button. This allows students to send a parent linked account a request to upload the physical exam signed by the physician. 
- "Upload Buttons" are shown when you are required to upload a document instead of completing the web-form. For example, the MHSAA physical exam form. Forms can be uploaded by either the parent/guardian or the student but will require a parent/guardian signature. 

8. Accepted Forms Notification
- After the Athletic Department staff has accepted all forms, a notification will be sent to you stating all forms have been accepted. You will be notified via email and/or text message (if you have selected the text message option during account creation), if a form has been denied or is incomplete, you will be sent a notification, in which you will be given the reason for denial and a link to review and resubmit your changes back to the Athletic Department for approval. 

9. Athletic Participation Fees
Once your student-athlete has made the team, they will be required to pay an athletic participation fee before they will be eligible to compete in any official contests. Participation fees are paid one time per year, at the beginning of their first sport. The high school participation fee is $140 and the middle school participation fee is $100. If your student-athlete received free lunch, click here to fill out the sharing information form to be eligible to receive the reduced rate on your son or daughter's athletic participation fee. 

 Visit our website at www.splittercommunity.com under the "MS & HS Athletics" tab to complete annual payment


Transportation Waivers:
We understand that certain unforeseen circumstances may prevent your student-athlete from riding the bus from their contest (band concert, choir concert, etc.). In any of these cases, we ask our parents to fill out and submit a transportation waiver as part of the online registration through StudentCentral.