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We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School


We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

Splitter Strength

Stronger, Together:

Lincoln Railsplitter Athletics Strength & Conditioning 

Transforming Teams: Coach Kelsey Auchmuty

What drives my passion:

I love the atmosphere and excitement of high school sports and at Lincoln that spirit is higher than most other schools I have been involved with.

My own high school did not have the resources to provide my team with strength and conditioning and it frustrated me. Here at Lincoln, I strive daily to provide these athletes with an opportunity I did not have in high school. I also want to provide these athletes with resources not only related to strength training, but also nutrition and overall wellness.

Teaching Lincoln athletes the importance surrounding health and physical activity will hopefully follow them throughout their lives, and possibly rub off on those around them. All in all, I just want to provide a safe and inviting environment for every person that walks through my weight room door.

Personal sport experience:

-Played volleyball and track throughout middle and high school.

-Currently competes in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting competitions.

Career/coaching related experience:

-Degree in Sport Performance and a minor in Fitness Entrepreneurship from EMU.

-Coached middle school track for 2 years and high school track for 3 years.

-Worked as a mentor for high school girls at Future Coaches Camp of EMU.

-Currently Coach CrossFit at 734 Strength & Performance.
-Multiple years of personal training for high school athletes.

-Participant in the International Youth Conditioning Association.

Community Involvement: A Movement in Splitter Nation

Started in 2017, all of Splitter Nation is invited to become Splitter Strong with 734 Strength & Performance. Athletic Director Westfall states:

While our vision is to provide a unifying program to all athletes across our Athletic Department,  we also see an outreach to our community as well. We hope to grow programming to all ages and increase health and wellness across the Splitter Nation.

Part of the partnership with 734 Strength & Performance is to establish fitness-related programming for adults & youth through Lincoln Community Education. 734 Strength already does adult and youth group training successfully at its home location. More information will be released in the coming weeks as classes are formed for the public.

Be sure to continue to follow SplitterNation and now 734 Strength & Performance on social media for daily updates and to take a behind-the-scenes look at what makes your athletes Splitter Strong.


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