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We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School


We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

Splitter Strength

Lincoln Railsplitter Athletics Strength & Conditioning -  

Transforming Teams: Coach Kelsey Auchmuty

What is "Splitter Strength":
Splitter Strength started in 2017 and is a completely individual/customized strength and conditioning program for Lincoln High School and Lincoln Middle School students. Our program is designed to create both smarter, and stronger athletes. This incredible resource is available to all athletes that play sports for Lincoln High School and/or Lincoln Middle School. Each workout is demonstrated, explained, and guided by Coach Kelsey Auchmuty. Every movement is modifiable, which means that even if you have never worked out before, you will be able to participate in every workout in our weight room. Coach Kelsey prides herself on making our weight room a safe and inviting environment for every person that walks through our weight room door.

The workouts that Coach Kelsey creates focus on proper body movement, raw strength and power, and sport specific skills. She strives to both motivate and educate equally, in hopes that the skills she teaches in the weight room can make an impact for a lifetime!

Who is Coach Kelsey?:
Coach Kelsey's athletic playing background started with volleyball and track, then in college she participated in competitive Olympic Weightlifting where she qualified for the American Open two times!

She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Sports Performance and a minor in Fitness Entrepreneurship. In addition, Coach Kelsey holds certifications in Olympic Weightlifting Coaching and is a certified High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist (she specializes in the movements and development behaviors of high school aged athletes). In the Winter of 2020, she was accepted to serve on the advisory board for the Michigan High School Strength and Conditioning Association where she speaks as an advisor to all high school strength coaches in the Southeast Michigan region.

Be sure to continue to follow Splitter Strength and Coach Kelsey Auchmuty on social media for daily updates and to take a behind-the-scenes look at what makes our athletes Splitter Strong.

Twitter: @SplitterStrong

Instagram: @splitterstrength

Team App: Splitter Strength

Coach Kelsey Auchmuty: