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We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School


We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

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3 months ago @ 5:48PM

Mens Swim & Dive Posts Record-Breaking Races at SEC Prelims!

Lincoln Athletics would like to congratulate Coach Cook and Coach Kellerman on their incredible swims at today's SEC White Division Prelims! Best of luck to the team at tomorrows finals!

Medley Relay:
A relay placed 4th (Wright, J. Gorman, Kelly, Fouty) - only has to cut 1 second to qualify for state’s.
B relay placed 9th (Roseman, L. Gorman, Marino, Dye)

C relay 14th. (Depreist, Ross, Clock, Anantachina)

200 Freestyle:
11th- Tristan Fouty
19th- Kyle Belian
20th- Matthew Katchmeric
26th- Danny Karns

200 IM:
3- Jacob  Gorman – 18/100 seconds to qualify for states!
11- Logan Gorman
15- Giampiero Marino

50 Free:
23rd-Jonah Depriest
30th- Wes Henson
31st- Bailey Ross
35th- Clayton Kratzer
37th- JR Clock
38th- Moes Anantachina

100 Fly:
12th- Brennan Kelly
16th- Giampiero Marino

100 Free:
9th- Tristan Fouty
10th- Landon Wright
15th- Terrence Dye
22nd- Jonah Depreist
27th- Wes Henson
30th- Moes Anatachina

500 Free:
13th- Matthew Katchmeric
18th- Danny Karns

200 Free Relay:
7th - A relay (Dye, L. Gorman, Kelly, Marino)
14th- C Relay (Henson, Clock, Ross, Kratzer)

100 Backstroke:
7th- Landon Wright
13th-Jeffrey Roseman

100 Breaststroke:

1st- Jacob 59.40 (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)!
9th- Logan Gorman
20th- Bailey Ross
21st- Clayton Kratzer

400 Free Relay:

7th - A Relay (Fouty, Kelly, Wright, J. Gorman)
12th- B Relay (Dye, Katchmeric, Roseman, Belian)
18th – C Relay (Clock, Karns, Kratzer, Henson)

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