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We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School


We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

Announcements and Important Events


2 months ago @ 2:00PM

Girls HS Golf Season

Girls interested in joining the golf team meet up at Pineview Golf Course on Monday, August 12th.

Time: 3:00-5:00 pm Pineview is located at 5820 Stony Creek Rd, Ypsilanti

There are two steps that must be completed before any student-athlete is eligible to participate in ANY tryouts or practices at Lincoln High School or Lincoln Middle School:

1. Get a completed physical from a medical doctor.
Looking for help? Call the RAHS Health Center at LHS – (734) 714-9600 or at LMS – (734) 714-9509. If you have not completed the consent forms for your child to be seen at the RAHS clinic, please click here to download the forms. You may also contact our Lincoln Athletics Team Doctor, Dr. Corey Dean, located at the Haab Health Building in Ypsilanti at - (734) 547-7977.

2. Complete and submit registration forms to the Athletic Office. 
Click here to download the approved MHSAA physical form to take with you to the doctor. Once the doctor has signed and cleared your student-athlete for participation, the form must be signed and filled out in it's entirety before it can be submitted to the athletic office. Any missing signatures, insurance information, or general information will result in your athlete not being cleared to participate so be sure to check that it has been completely filled out! Coaches are not permitted to accept any forms.

Athletic Participation Fees:
Once your student-athlete has made the team, they will be required to pay an athletic participation fee before they will be eligible to compete in any official contests. Participation fees are paid one time per year, at the beginning of their first sport. The high school participation fee is $140 and the middle school participation fee is $100. If your student-athlete received free lunch, click here to fill out the sharing information form and bring it to the athletic office with your completed physical to be eligible to receive a discounted rate on your son or daughters athletic participation fee. 

Click here to pay online with a bank card, credit card or using an E-check.

Transportation Waivers:
We understand that certain unforeseen circumstances may prevent your student-athlete from riding the bus from their contest (band concert, choir concert, etc.). In any of these cases, we ask our parents to fill out and submit a transportation waiver to the Athletic Office. Click here to download the form. 

Splitter Nation Athletic Department Hours:

Monday-Friday (scheduled school days)
8:30 am- 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Summer Hours:
Closed June 28-August 2nd
The office reopens on Monday, August 5th
9 am-Noon and 1:00-4:00 pm
E-mail: Athletic Director Secretary

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